To Justin Bieber, Nothing Is Funnier Than Looking At Himself Falling Off A Bike

His Instagram is now his personal meme haven

Justin Bieber discovered a hilarious photo of himself that he apparently didn't know existed. So he did the same thing any fun-loving pop superstar would do: make memes of it.

On Monday night (January 6) Bieber apparently had just stumbled upon a paparazzi photo of himself falling off of a bike – a unicycle, to be specific. He was beside himself with laughter apparently, at the photo that was originally snapped in October. He's really wiping out, too.

"WTF HAHA," Bieber captioned his spill. His wife, model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) commented as well: "You know this is my favorite photo. I laughed at this pic for a week."

But the singer wasn't done with his self-deprecating humor spree yet. He went and followed the original Instagram post with a series of Photoshopped memes, in which he's been inserted into a cornucopia of humorous situations, including being eaten by a dinosaur and being beamed up by aliens in a UFO. Truly, he snapped with these. And while it's not immediately clear if Justin himself put these 'shops together or his team or fans did, they're still funny nevertheless.

His John Cena photo even prompted the wrestler himself to respond on Twitter.

"There is a lesson to be learned in every failure (unicycles included!!). The lesson here may be U didn’t C ME! Congratulations on the new single!" Bless your jorts, Cena.

This meme explosion is a fun diversion from the singer's slightly odd choice to line up a series of baby photos all tagged with the name of his new single "Yummy," but he might have some sort of opus in marketing going on here that maybe we just don't understand. Either way, being able to laugh at yourself like that is probably pretty freeing.

Just be careful the next time you hope on a unicycle, Justin.