Victoria Justice Takes On 'Marky Mark's' Iconic Calvin Klein Look In New 'Seventeen' Spread

Minus the bulge grab.

BROOKLYN, New York -- It's not just Nick Jonas channeling Mark Wahlberg's unforgettable Calvin Klein look. In the February issue of Seventeen, Victoria Justice takes on the iconic briefs in a "'90s inspired" shoot for the magazine.

"In fashion, everything circles back around, so I guess it's time for the '90s again and I'm loving it," the 21-year-old told MTV News. "I was born in the '90s and I love the '90's laid-back, kind of grungy style, and, you know, the chokers and overalls, and it's just a really cool look where you're not, it's not like you're trying too hard. I'm into it."

While the "Eye Candy" star (which premieres January 12 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV) was feeling the "Marky Mark" look -- "Definitely something I would wear!" -- there was one aspect of the memorable CK ad she couldn't get behind.

MTV | Michael Wolf

"That's one thing we didn't do today for Seventeen, yeah, no, no crotch grab," she laughed. "Everyone is familiar with the 'Marky Mark' for Calvin Klein ads. I mean, I don't quite have the same abs going on but it was fun to rock some Calvins."

Someone else Victoria thought nailed it with their six pack was Nick Jonas in Flaunt magazine. "I did see those pictures! He looks awesome," she said. "I've actually worked with him before, we wrote a song together and I've hung out with him and his brothers and they're really cool and he's such a down to earth, like really, really nice, sweet guy, so I'm so happy for him and his new music, I think it's really great."

MTV | Michael Wolf


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