J. Lo's Confession: 'Get Right' Was Usher's Beat First

Her version even borrows lyrics he wrote for the bridge.

One thing is clear: Usher has more hits on his cutting room floor than many singers have on their albums.

Just when you thought the leaks from Usher's Confessions sessions were all plugged up, another unreleased Usher song has sprung up, but we've heard this one before -- well, some of it.

"Ride," produced for Usher by Rich Harrison as a possible track for Confessions, has hit the mixtapes. The record has the exact same instrumental as Jennifer Lopez's horn-heavy "Get Right" (see [article id="1493757"]"An Army Of J. Los -- Enough For A Dozen Marriages -- Star In 'Get Right' Clip"[/article]).

As you can imagine, on Usher's version, he takes it to the club just as J. Lo does, singing about high times till the sun comes up.

"It's the way that you look at me, piques my curiosity," he sings on one verse. "I'm wondering what you're feeling tonight/ We never chilled, we never spent no time/ So let's take a minute/ ... Show you what I'm feeling inside/ Baby, hold on, tonight we're gonna ride."

Most of the lyrics differ from J. Lo's, except parts of the bridge, where he sings, "So much we've got to say, but so little time/ And if tonight ain't long enough, don't leave love behind/ (Don't leave this man behind)/ Baby, take my hand" in the same flow as Lopez.

According to Usher's camp, after the song was scrapped from his album, Harrison gave it to J. Lo. However, since parts of the bridge Usher wrote for "Ride" are used in Lopez's record, Usher has approached J. Lo's camp and Harrison for publishing credit. Reps for J. Lo and Harrison could not be reached for comment.

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