Miss Delena? Here Are 11 Fanvids To Relive 'The Vampire Diaries' Epic Romance

This love story will never be over.

We're seriously loving the new season of "The Vampire Diaries," but that doesn't mean we're not still super sad that we are no longer getting our weekly Delena fixes. Now, the Heretics have stolen Elena's (Nina Dobrev) coffin and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is supposed to leave Mystic Falls and our OTP is further apart than ever!

Luckily, the Internet has our backs. Even though we might have to wait longer than usual for our next all-new Delena moment (Nina's coming back for the series finale, right?!), there is a treasure trove of glorious Delena fanvids for every mood. Here are 11 of our favorites...

For the Delena shipper who wants to relive the entire story.

Have we mentioned that this story is EPIC?

For the Delena shipper who liked the slow burn.

It took forever for Damon and Elena to get together, and this fanvid recreates that experience with masterful editing and steady, eloquent voiceover.

For the Delena shipper who likes Damon's monologues.

This dude likes to talk about how selfish he is. Relive all of those moments in this great fanvid.

For the Delena shipper who loves the ansgt.

Yeah, pretty much EVERY Delena shipper has to like angst, right? But this vid somehow seems to add even more angst to an already incredibly angsty romance. Well done, vidder.

For the Delena shipper who loves the joy.

Yes, the Delena romance has been incredibly angsty, but it has also been filled with joy. "Never Let Me Go" is a song that represents that — both in canon and in this beautiful fanvid.

For the Delena shipper looking to torture themself.

"Say Something" was pretty much written to be used for fanvids — and it will never NOT be incredibly angsty. Perfection!

For the Delena shipper who has a soft spot for Katherine.

Guys, Katheine almost ruined everything there for a second when she stole Elena's body and broke up with Damon. Still love her, though.

For the Delena shipper looking for something fun.

Internet, there need to be more fun Delena vids. So. Much. Angst.

For the Delena shipper who loves Deathcab for Cutie.

We will follow this song into any fanvid. Though, you have to admit, it's kind of perfect for Delena.

For the Delena shipper who wants to laugh.

What? We can laugh, too.

For the Delena shipper who doesn't think they had enough (time).

So all of us, then. See you around YouTube, friends.

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