The Batmobile Just Surprised Comic-Con And Everyone Freaked Out

Zack Snyder: Dawn of Free T-Shirts.

Move over, "Star Wars" donuts: director Zack Snyder just literally drove right over them, surprising fans waiting at San Diego Comic-Con to see the "Batman V Superman" panel with an appearance by the Batmobile -- and free t-shirts.

For those not at Comic-Con, the Hall H line -- where 6,000 lucky fans get to see sneak peeks at the biggest movies coming down the road -- is legendary. But just as legendary as the line, is the wait. For "Star Wars," fans were waiting out for upwards of 48 hours to catch a glimpse at the cast of the new movie, and happily were surprised with both free donuts in the morning, and then a surprise concert in the evening.

For "Batman V Superman," though, you need a little muscle. So overnight, Snyder drove up to the line with a police escort in the brand new version of the Batmobile.

...And naturally, fans freaked the f--k out.

Yes, that's 6,000 people screaming and demanding Snyder throw them a t-shirt.

So the next question is, if Snyder is topping donuts in the morning, what is he going to do to top stealing all of Hall H and taking them to a "Star Wars" concert? Our guess: free trips to Gotham City for all.

Stay tuned, as the flurry of DC/Warner Bros. news is about to hit shortly...

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