Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Track Got King Louie To Wake Up And Freestyle

Kanye West's song didn't need any prep from the fellow Chicago rapper; Louie just laid down what came to mind.

King L had no idea that Kanye West was a fan of his prior to Yeezy shouting out the Chicago up-and-comer on his remix to Chief Keef's [article id="1684919"]"I Don't Like,"[/article] but if he didn't know then, he surely knows now.

Louie was recently revealed as one of the key features on Kanye West's June 18 album [article id="1708812"]Yeezus[/article]. The street-bred flame spitter appears on a track believed to be titled "Send It Up," and while the pressure of appearing on a Kanye album may have gotten to some, the "Val Venus" MC revealed to MTV News that he just went in and freestyled his performance during a recording session in Paris with Kanye.

"When I did the joint, we were in the studio -- no B.S., like 20 hours strong, a day. We were in Paris or whatever," he told us via Skype on Thursday. "I had woke up, and it was just a freestyle verse off the top and that turned out to be the one he was really rocking with; just genuine bars."

On Monday, Kanye [article id="1708800"]played the album[/article] for a select crowd in New York City and the King Louie-assisted track sounded like a clear-cut party starter, with a kinetic beat complete with blaring sirens and a pounding drum.

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Louie said the finished version is "dope," but he does confirm that it is very different from the original beat he recorded on. When you factor in West's meticulous post-production methods, it isn't hard to believe.

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"The beat changed and what was part of my hook became the actual chorus, it was dope," he told us. "The beat was just one instrument, two instruments and then now it's like a whole party thing. So it's way different from when I recorded it."

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