Mourning Allison Argent's 'Teen Wolf' Death Through The Five Stages Of Grief [GIFs]

As soon as Allison Argent traded in her typical high school student's life for one finely tuned bow and arrow and embraced her family's hunter heritage, she was a force to be reckoned with on the "Teen Wolf" battlefield. The beautiful badass fearlessly took on every evil creature that goes bump in the night, but on tonight's episode, she found herself at the wrong end of the Oni's sword, and Scott's first true love ultimately became Season 3's fallen hero.

Thanks to's Allison Argent Memorial page, crestfallen fans like yourselves have a safe space where you can leave condolences (which might just earn you a signed Crystal Reed photo as a coping mechanism), reflect on Allison's most upstanding moments and even turn to your fellow Wolf-heads for support. Still, grief isn't rational, and if you can't quite pinpoint your emotions following the character's death -- or don't know how to sort through them -- we're here to help you face the pain. Above all else, know you're not alone: Even the "Teen Wolf" cast was completely shaken up by the loss of Allison (not to mention their co-star, Crystal), a feeling they make abundantly clear in this special video:

Whoa, right?

Allow this GIF-heavy Kübler-Ross model to guide you through the tragedy, and feel free to leave your lingering thoughts about the heart-wrenching episode. We're all in this together, guys.

Stage 1: Denial

But how could it have happened? Out of Scott's entire pack, the archer was the only one who managed to take any of the Oni down. It can't be possible! The Argent family has gone through too much, and after the passing of Allison's mother, there's no way her father can handle so much grief.

Stage 2: Anger

Seriously? No...seriously?! Of everyone in Beacon Hills, it's the woman who's always fought for justice; who's ignored sides in favor of doing what's right; who battled alongside Kira, even when the new girl was swooping in on her first love, who has to meet her maker? Move all fine china to the basement, friends, because we're about to go apesh**t.

Stage 3: Bargaining

There's no chore we won't do, no deity to whom we won't pray and no test we won't ace if you just please, please, please let our beloved Allison hang in there. That priceless family heirloom? Yours. You've got first dibs on our parking spots, too, and we'll even give up this freshly purchased Shamrock Shake if you spare her. That's saying something! 

Stage 4: Depression

So about that Shamrock's gone. So, too, is that lingering pint of Ben and Jerry's. And as far as hygiene goes, that bar of Dove soap next to bone-dry Selsun Blue bottle hasn't been touched in days. (DRY WINTERTIME LEADS TO FLAKY SCALPS, OK?!)

Stage 5: Acceptance

We're not quite here yet...

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