'Are You The One?' Has Produced A Baby -- And A Reunion Special

Amber and Ethan are going to be parents, and they'll be gathering with their former cast mates to celebrate!

From the Truth Booth to parenthood!

Amber and Ethan earned some very special distinctions among the "Are You the One?" crew: they were among the show's first perfect matches and, during the reunion special, Ethan dropped to one knee and asked Amber to be his wife (we're getting verklempt just thinking about it).


And now, the couple is gearing up for their next big roles: mom and dad! Fortunately for fans, they're celebrating the happy news with a baby shower/reunion special -- "AYTO"-style. That's right, the gang is gathering to fete Amber and Ethan's growing family, and in the process, we'll find out who's made up, who's broken up...and who's still hooking up.

But back to the parents-to-be. MTV News recently caught up with the excited twosome, and they couldn't help but marvel at how much their lives have changed since they entered the "AYTO" house nearly a year ago.


"I went into this show pretty open-minded but not expecting anything," said Amber, who is in her second trimester. "Especially not expecting anything near this!"

Ethan echoed his fiancee's sentiments. "This has been beyond anything we had ever imagined in our wildest dreams," he said. "But I think that's what brought us to this point in our lives, because we went in to the whole situation very open-minded and not really having expectations. Just kind of appreciating everything for what it was."

The couple, who plan to raise the baby in Austin, don't know if they're having a boy or a girl -- but they do know that this Christmas will be one to remember (Amber's due in December).

"We're just looking forward to having a healthy baby," Ethan gushed.


As for becoming husband and wife, there's no rush -- mainly because their priorities have changed since they learned they were expecting.

"We've kind of both decided it's not so much about us anymore -- it's really about the baby," Amber said. "So it's just not worth being pregnant and stressing about planning a wedding. That's a lot of stress to put on a fetus."

Speaking of stress, let's hope the couple don't ask any of their former cast mates to babysit -- even though they would trust them to care for the wee one.

"They know how particular Amber and I are," a chuckling Ethan said. "But if anything were to happen, they would be more afraid of Amber and I than anyone else."

And while the parents-to-be probably wouldn't have met if they didn't embark on their TV journey, would they let their offspring enter the "AYTO" house?

"No!" Ethan exclaimed.

"I want to say yes because we had such a good time and amazing things happened from it," Amber said. "But now that I'm in mama mode, it's no."

As for any wisdom to share with the hopefuls on Season 2, Ethan's message is a simple one.

"Appreciate every moment," he said.

+ Relive Amber and Ethan's engagement, and offer your well wishes in the comments! Then be sure to tune in to the baby special on Monday, September 22 at 10/9c and the Season 2 premiere on Monday, October 6 at 10/9c.

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