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13 Reasons We Need Another 'Percy Jackson' Movie, STAT

On Logan Lerman's birthday, we want the gift of more "Percy Jackson."

In 2014, Logan Lerman crushed all of our dreams when he confirmed to MTV News that he didn't think a third movie in the "Percy Jackson" series would be happening. With three more of Rick Riordan's books left to adapt, this news hit like a huge blow to the heart for everyone who loved the movies just as much as they loved the novels.

Today, on Logan Lerman's 24th birthday, here are all of the reasons why the movie gods need to change their minds and gift us with another "Percy Jackson" movie, STAT.

Logan Lerman is basically perfect as Percy.


Percy Jackson Logan Lerman

Aside from the fact that he's supposed to be 12 in the book...

Annabeth is the heroine we all need.


Percy Jackson Annabeth

And we could all use more Jake Abel in our lives.


Percy Jackson Luke

Especially since it doesn't look like he's coming back to "Supernatural" anytime soon...

The supporting cast is great too.


Percy Jackson Grover

Brandon T. Jackson is awesome and hilarious as Grover, and the addition of "The Hunger Games"' Leven Rambin as Clarisse in the second film means that the gang is getting even more fun.

And then, of course, there's Tyson.


Percy Jackson Tyson

Sweet, adorable, clumsy Tyson.

"The Lightning Thief" brought in some pretty big names.


Percy Jackson Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, anyone?

And "Sea of Monsters" added even more.


Percy Jackson Nathan Fillion

Stanley Tucci, Anthony Stewart Head, Nathan freaking Fillion... this movie is basically all of our favorite stars rolled up into one.

Camp Half-Blood is the summer camp we all wish we went to.


Percy Jackson Camp

Our games of Capture the Flag were never quite this intense.

The movie has the perfect combination of humor...


Percy Jackson Pen Sword

Greek mythology references...


Percy Jackson Stanley Tucci



Percy Jackson Action

And adventure.


Percy Jackson Adventure

Plus, there's still that little matter of the prophecy to deal with.


Percy Jackson Prophecy

Chop chop, we want another movie like, now.