Under Suspicion: What Is 'Teen Wolf' Baddie Theo REALLY After?

The new kid in town clearly wants more than he's letting on.

It's the seemingly nice guys who might be the most dangerous villains of all, and Theo's vindictive act at end of last night's "Teen Wolf" episode left us reeling — who does that? And by "that," we mean pick on a couple of sweet parental units and smash someone's precious limb with a hammer because they suck at forgery.



Talk about insane. But what (or WHO?) is Theo truly after? We know this much: He claims to have known Scott in the fourth grade (the teen even has a random story about an inhaler to back it up). Theo's sister died when he was eight, and shortly thereafter, he and his family moved far, far away from the California town. Then, years later, he got bit by a werewolf during a skateboarding excursion. And now he's back in Beacon Hills, and he's batsh*t crazy. He even quoted the often-heard lycanthrope cliche -- "Everyone knows that lone wolves don't make it on their own" -- in the hopes of being accepted into Scott's pack.

The ever-skeptical Stiles is convinced that Theo has something to hide, going so far as to track down and compare a couple of documents supposedly signed by Theo's father. The signatures are different, evidencing the fact that Theo isn't really Theo... or he is, and he killed his own pop and has adult-napped a couple of fill-in parents. We're not sure which is worse, but we do know that Theo has not returned to simply join Scott's crew. There's more to it — but what? Was he sent by the Dread Doctors to kill Scott or to steal his Alpha powers? Does he want to off the super sleuth and be Scott's bestie? Is he trying to take the evil Peter Hale's place? Heck, could he be after Lydia? Sigh -- so many questions!

Comment with your guesses, and let's hope that next week's “Teen Wolf” (Monday at 10/9c) gives us a little more intel into the new kid!

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