Lady Gaga 'Loves' 'Born This Way' Video, Laurieann Gibson Says

'She's very proud of it,' Gaga's creative director reveals to MTV News.

[article id="1658927"]Fans have weighed in[/article] on Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video, but how does Mother Monster herself feel about her latest entry into the world of music videos?

The video's creative director and Gaga's choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, stopped by MTV News on Monday, the same day the Nick Knight-directed clip dropped, and she opened up about Gaga's reaction to seeing the [article id="1658858"]trippy "Born This Way"[/article].

"She loves it! She loves it so much and she's so happy," Gibson told us. "She loves it. She watches it all the time. Every time I walk in the dressing room [she says], 'Ah! Look!' She's very proud of it."

Gibson shares that excitement and she said she's pleased that Gaga and her team are spreading their message of love and acceptance.

"I'm happy for her because she's so fearless," Gibson explained. "And she works so hard and, for me, those types of artists don't come around that often."

Those sentiments were mirrored by one of [article id="1658892"]Gaga's producers, Fernando Garibay[/article], who worked on many of the songs on the upcoming Born This Way. Garibay told us he thinks the video reflects the song's feel-good message.

"Well, I've seen pieces. We were privy to watching her make the video and stuff, and as we were watching her do the choreography and everything, we were just blown away, of course," he said. "It's amazing. Her talent, I mean, she's so talented, but in combining the imagery, the dance and how it's expressed with the song is truly amazing. ... I'm still blown away by it. I saw it this morning and I was like, 'Wow.' "

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