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'High School Musical' Alum Corbin Bleu Grows Up On New LP

'I wanted to develop more of a personal sound for myself,' singer/actor says of 'Speed of Light.'

He's known for his wild hair and starring in the wildly successful "High School Musical" movies, but now Corbin Bleu is ready to put that all behind him (well, [article id="1597404"]at least the "High School Musical" part[/article]) and focus on his just-released album, Speed of Light.

"Anything I do, I always want a positive message, and obviously 'High School Musical' does tend to skew a little younger, but it's great for them," he told MTV News about who he's targeting with his new LP. "But it's more 20s, college years -- sort of something in there for everybody."

Bleu hopes to show the world that he's growing up and also find his own sound and figure out just who he is as a performer and singer.

"Once the song 'Speed of Light' came along, that's really what defined the sound for the album," Bleu said. "That song itself is kind of haunting. It really just set the pace. ... That's why I titled [the album] Speed of Light as well. It was really just finding a personal sound for myself, and even the stories, everything involved in it is a lot more personal experiences."

To help find this more personal sound, he worked with Brian Kennedy (Rihanna's "Disturbia") and Erick Hudson (Kanye West's "Flashing Lights"). "Venturing off into this album started about a year ago. I wanted to develop more of a personal sound for myself, make it a little more mainstream," he said, adding that he sought inspiration for the album from Michael Jackson, Guns N' Roses and Luciano Pavarotti.

Although he'd like to one day work with Akon, he didn't think that "Speed of Light" was the appropriate project for a collaboration. "The idea of collaboration was sort of in talks, but it wasn't something we pursued," he said. "I know for myself I just wanted to find myself for this album, but if more opportunities came up in the future, I would love to be able to vibe off of people and just get creative."

With the release of Speed of Light, Bleu confirms that he won't be back for any more "HSM" movies. "I am not coming back ... We graduated in the last film. They are moving on with [article id="1606225"]the new generation of underclassman[/article]."