Jimmy Fallon's David Bowie Impression Is 100 Percent Serious

And he had Chris Martin to back him up

Jimmy Fallon is known for his hammy impersonations of everyone from politicians to classic rock stars, but on last night’s (March 21) Tonight Show, he brought out his most serious impression to date.

Backed up by Chris Martin of Coldplay on piano, Fallon solemnly began singing “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie — the same tune Lorde sang to honor the late rock singer during a tribute at the BRIT Awards.

Not only was Fallon’s take on the song serious, it sounded almost exactly like Bowie, too. He’s covered Bowie before humorously, turning “Space Oddity” into a jab at Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow back in 2012, but he’s never done an impression quite this faithful.

As far as Bowie songs go, “Life on Mars?” is one of the harder ones, and Fallon pulled it off. Watch his inner Bowie come out below.