Poot Lovato Made TIME’s List Of Most Influential Fictional Characters

Poot’s impact was greater than most of our real faves, tbh.

A meme crafted from an awkward photo of Demi Lovato has made TIME's Most Influential Fictional Characters List. Are we surprised?

Not in the least bit.

Even though Poot, Demi's alter-ego with a whole ridiculous made-up story of her own, started as a fan-made meme, she quickly rose to become a household name.

TIME cited Poot's influence as proof of "how Internet fandom can redefine celebrities’ carefully groomed images," and there's certainly no lie there -- lest we forget Demi's less-than approving response to the viral meme on Twitter.

Demi Twitter

Apparently we weren't all excited to see Poot surface from the basement after all those years of being locked away -- or so the story goes.

But Poot was more than just a viral meme.

She was a style icon worthy of countless imitations.

She was a competitor in the fierce battle between fictional pop stars, like Neyde Spears.


And, naturally, she was a talented artist meeting endless musical demands from fans.

Poot constantly put in the time and effort to entertain her fans online, much like her pop star sister Demi, so it's only proper to honor the 2015 celeb with a place on TIME's end-of-year list.

Here's to you, Poot.

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