Maluma Makes His Spectacular Debut On 'Fallon'

The reggaeton singer performed 'HP' on the stage under bright pink and blue neon lights

Colombian artist Maluma made a splash when he appeared on Madonna's lead single for her forthcoming album, Madame X"Medellín." Last night (May 14), Maluma made his performance debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He performed "HP" from his forthcoming album, 11:11. The neon performance made for a magical introduction to the show.

Maluma made use of brilliant pink and blue lights that put the crowd at ease as he bounced on his feet, belting the bouncy number. What was best about it was the cool, all-knowing smile that never left his face. A constantly zooming and moving background gave it an ethereal atmosphere that he grounded on Earth. There aren't that many that can bring this energy to Fallon.

Maluma spoke to MTV News about the video for "HP" in March. "We wanted to do a very, very colorful video because that's what I'm doing with my next album, 11:11, is showing a lot of happiness, a lot of positive energy," he said.

Take a look at his magical Fallon debut up above.