Katy Perry Goes Futuristic In 'Teenage Dream' German TV Spot

Pop star shoots 90-second commercial to current single as she channels characters including Marilyn Monroe.

From whipped-cream-loaded bras to pink cotton candy clouds, [article id="1641637"]Katy Perry[/article] has delivered her share of eye-catching visuals throughout the unveiling of her [article id="1644204"]Teenage Dream[/article] album. And in a new commercial for German TV channel ProSieben's "Star Force," she keeps the momentum going as she cranks up the colors and jumps into the future.

In the 90-second spot, which is basically an alternative, shortened mini-video for her single "Teenage Dream," the singer plays a sort of singing robot inside the walls of a beaming city building from the future. As it begins, we see a woman with lots of frosted makeup robotically walk alongside people in skintight space outfits towards a moving door. They approach a still figure, who appears to be "turned off," until a jukebox turns on and plays the familiar tune.

Katy Perry comes to life, channeling a futuristic Marilyn Monroe in a red dress that mimics the iconic white one in "The Seven Year Itch." The singer then transforms into a 1960s housewife with a polka-dot geometric dress. But with a blink of an eye, that look is gone in favor of a superhero-gone-sex-kitten look. Riding a flaring rocket that floats before a building window, Perry shoots into the city lights before doing her spokesperson drop: "We love to entertain you."

The commercial serves as a drastic change from the singer's official [article id="1645447"]video for "Teenage Dream,"[/article] which depicts her driving around the sunny hills of California and canoodling and dancing the day away in an empty parking lot. In one clip, she serves up a plastic, robotic image, while the other plays up her flirty persona. Even though both clips remain vastly different from one another, the carefree atmosphere is still apparent. Whether they're dancing around a beach half-naked or decked out in retro attire, Perry is surrounded by a party you could only wish to be part of.

Which "Teenage Dream" concept do you prefer: the road trip romp or the futuristic extravaganza? Share your thoughts below!

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