How Aubree Is Adjusting To Her 'Teen Mom 2' Sibling Watson

The big sister opened up to her mother during this week's episode

Before Chelsea welcomed her second child Watson, the Teen Mom 2 mama did her best to ready firstborn Aubree about how life would be different in their household. But preparing can only go so far -- and during this week's episode, it was apparent that the little girl's behavior was different after the arrival of Cole's mini-me.

"Your attitude has been so bad lately and so negative, I don't even understand why," Chelsea told Aubree.


A hesitant and visibly upset Aubs initially revealed that she is "tired sometimes" but then further elaborated that she doesn't want to miss out on special moments with her brother.

"It's just that he's so cute, and when I have to go to bed, you guys get to be with him and I have to try to go to sleep," the seven-year-old explained. "You get to have fun with him."

From there, Chelsea stressed that she and Cole are the parents and Aubree is the kid and "that's how life goes."


"I don't like getting mad at you and yelling -- I don't like that," Chelsea stated. "I want us to get along. Let's work a little harder," she added, as Aubree listened.

Chelsea and Aubree are navigating a new reality -- and it's evident that the mother of two is doing her best to support her daughter through this adjustment through open communication and discussions. To see how the clan evolves with Baby W, be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.