Clay Aiken Wins Congressional Primary In North Carolina

'American Idol' alum won the race a day after his opponent, Keith Crisco, died suddenly in his home after a fall.

Clay Aiken is officially in the running for a seat in the House of Representatives after winning a primary in North Carolina's second congressional district.

One day after his opponent Keith Crisco died suddenly after a fall in his home, the "American Idol" alum was was declared the Democratic nominee after winning the required 40 percent of the vote in the district. The two were in a tight race when Crisco died on Monday. Aiken won 40.86 percent of the votes, while Crisco won 39.49 percent.

The singer will face Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers in the Novemeber election after edging out Crisco by 390 votes.

Aiken suspended all campaign activities after learning of his opponent's passing, writing on Twitter on Monday, "I am stunned and deeply saddened by Keith Crisco’s death. He was a gentleman, a good and honorable man and an extraordinary public servant."

The district historically leans primarily Republican. (Mitt Romney won 57 percent of the vote there in 2012.)