Meet New 'Transformers 4' Beouf-Cake Jack Reynor

Mark Wahlberg has himself a co-star ... and Hollywood has a fresh new face.

Director Michael Bay has put himself in the business of discovering hot new talent (something Steven Spielberg used to do before he started just casting famous people all the time) as he's recruited Jack Reynor for "Transformers 4."

We have to admit that Bay's description of the actor on the filmmaker's official site is rather endearing:

"He is an Irish kid that came to America with 30 bucks in his pocket. Pretty ballsy. Seriously who does that? Anyway I spotted him in a great little Irish movie 'What Richard Did.' This kid is the real deal."

It's rather adorable in that Michael Bay way, no? The director has also announced once and for all that the fourth "Transformers" adventure isn't a reboot:

"This movie takes place exactly 4 years after the war in Chicago. The story makes a very natural transition, and reason as to why we have a whole new cast. This 'Transformers' will feel very different than the last three. We are embarking on a new trilogy."

So there you have it. And leading the charge of that new trilogy is Marky Mark and his pal Jack.

"Transformers 4" will hit theaters on June 27, 2014.