Here's Your First Look At The Sure-To-Be Adorable 'Supergirl'-'Flash' Crossover

Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist just broke the Internet.

Do you hear that? That noise over there. That's the sound of a horde of tiny, widdle puppies playfully roughhousing in the distance. Or, at least that's the sound I hear in my head when I think of Barry Allen and Kara Danvers' forthcoming meet-cute on Supergirl. When I think of Melissa Benoist, I think of puppies -- and when I think of Grant Gustin, I think of even more puppies (s/o to Nora and Jett). So, in my mind, the mere combination of the two onscreen, together, will be just as magical as walking into a room full of adorable puppies wearing red, super-capes.

Thankfully, we don't have to wait very long to watch Supergirl and The Flash in action. The iconic DC superheroes won't meet officially until next month, but Gustin -- so pure, so innocent -- just couldn't contain his crossover excitement any longer. Behold, the most beautiful photo you will ever see of two beings, super or otherwise:

The Flash actor posted a photo in costume with Benoist in her House of El best on the set of the crossover episode on February 10. He captioned the glowing shot, "Those two emblems look pretty good together..." (Be still my beating heart.)

I can almost feel the charisma radiating from this photo. What makes The Flash and Supergirl so well-matched isn't their super strength stats, it's their empathy and compassion for others. As characters in the superhero 'verse, Kara and Barry both have the unique ability to triumph in the face of adversity with their blinding optimism. In a sea of angsty superheroes (we're looking at you, Batfleck), they are a beacon of lovable superhero awkwardness. We need more superheroes like them.

And it doesn't hurt that they're both unabashedly, irrevocably adorable. Nope. Doesn't hurt one bit.