Taylor Swift Covers Britney Spears' 'Lucky' (!!!!) (VIDEO)

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What kind of cover song pro would Taylor Swift be if she made a stop in Louisiana and didn't pay homage to the state's most famous musical success story? While some might argue it's Elvis (and mad props to the king, y'all!), our vote goes to Britney Spears, because duhhhhh (have you read our blog?). So when her "Speak Now" tour rolled through Louisiana, Taylor Swift covered Brit's 2000 song "Lucky."

Though the video is sideways and features the amateur videographer's own personal sing-along, the excitement in her voice is a testament to Taylor's song choice. Or in other words, we can almost guarantee that every normal, living, breathing Louisiana-bred girl in attendance at Taylor's show is also obsessed with Britney Spears.

In her signature lilac dress, Taylor takes a seat and strums the first chords of "Lucky" on her guitar. The audience naturally goes NUTS as they sing in unison: "Early morning/She wakes up/With a knock, knock, knock on the the door/It's time for makeup/Perfect smile/It's you they're all waiting for." (OK, LIKE YOU ACTUALLY NEEDED ME TO TYPE THOSE OUT??)

The audience screams a perpetual stream of "I love you Taylor!!!" as they enjoy what is likely the best sing-along of their lives! As she plays the last chord of Britney's song, the magnitude of what just went down finally hits the audience and they fall into a psychotic frenzy, screaming "Taylor! Taylor! Taylor!" Accustomed to this sort of audience flip-out, a composed Swift flashes the fans her biggest and brightest toothy smile and then gracefully transitions into her next song. Like a bawss.

+ Watch Taylor Swift cover Britney Spears' "Lucky."

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