Lupe Fiasco's Working On 'The Cool' Sequel And This Might Be The Storyline

From Lupe's own mouth.

Good news for Lupe Fiasco fans: He's recording a sequel to his outstanding 2007 album The Cool.

Lupe announced the news on Twitter this weekend, then followed up by noting that he won't be revealing details about the project anytime soon.

BUT, as luck would have it, we actually asked Lupe last year if he'd ever consider recording a sequel to The Cool, and he revealed the idea he had for the follow-up at that point. It would further the storyline of the album's main character.

“I wanted to pick it up with his daughter," Lupe told MTV News. "If you follow the story of The Cool, he has a daughter and that’s who he was going to go see. It leaves off with him being on the train and getting robbed.”

Oh and there's more...

“I was gonna pick it up to where he goes back to his neighborhood and gets in touch with his daughter and it’s this whole weird thing that starts to play out,” he continued. “But it wasn’t gonna be a hip-hop story, it was gonna be super simple.”

Granted, this was over a year ago, so things might've changed since then, but I wasn't mad at this storyline at all.

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