Meet The Cast Of Nickelodeon's 'School Of Rock'

Get ready to learn some hard (rock) lessons.

Get ready to rock.

Nickelodeon and Paramount TV are gearing up for the live action musical comedy series, "School of Rock," based off the 2003 hit film starring Jack Black, and we have your first look at the entire cast.

School of Rock

So who are these fresh new faces that may soon become your new favorite TV stars?

Taking on the role of Dewey, Jack's character in the movie, is the tall blonde (second from left) Tony Cavalero. He plays a substitute teacher who uses rock music to inspire his kids and create the band School of Rock. Why couldn't they do that when I was in school?


Next to Tony, holding the electric guitar, is Lance Lim -- he plays Zach. And the adorable kid in glasses manning the keys is Aidan Miner, who plays Lawrence.

Those two lovely ladies in the picture are Breanna Yde -- who plays Tomika the fun-loving, tomboy bass player -- and her bestie Summer (played by Jade Pettyjohn). For those that remember the movie, Summer -- played by a young Miranda Cosgrove -- was the manager of the band.

And of course we have to have a love interest -- that's Freddy, the oh-so-cute guy on the drums. Summer has a major crush on him, and why shouldn't she? He's the bad boy of the band.

The 13-episode series is currently in production and is set to air this fall.

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