Linkin Park's 'Iridescent' Video Premieres

Clip for 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' soundtrack song matches franchise's otherworldly vibe.

Keeping up with what seems to have become a great movie/music partnership, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" director Michael Bay has once again enlisted Linkin Park to contribute a song to the film's soundtrack, a remix of their song "Iridescent," from their A Thousand Suns LP. On Friday (June 3), the "Iridescent" video premiered on

Fitting in with the thunderous, world-is-ending, intense, high-action vibe that revolves around the world of the "Transformers" films, the clip for "Iridescent" has an otherworldly, post-apocalyptic vibe.

The video, which is entirely in black-and-white, seems to take place on another planet, in another world entirely, with a sense of weightlessness, combined with shadowy, translucent images of either a futuristic or lost civilization. There is also a bit of religious imagery, with a shot of the band in a "Last Supper"-like scenario at one point. Naturally, there are scenes from "Dark of the Moon" interspersed throughout, but there aren't so many robots that they distract from the song or the band.

"The 'Transformers' collaboration has been really fun for us. I mean, we grew up playing with the toys," [article id="1662068"]LP's Mike Shinoda[/article] told MTV News when we visited the "Iridescent" set in April. "When we first got approached on the first one, we said yes based on the idea of taking that thing that we loved so much and bringing it to life in a modern way. As it's gone on, that's still a big part of it for us."

When asked why they chose "Iridescent" for "Dark of the Moon," Shinoda said the song felt like a good fit.

"We put out the record in the late part of last year, and even though it's never been a single up until this point, [when we played it live] you could really hear the singing pick up momentum during that song," he said. "It was just something that seemed a natural fit."

"Iridescent" marks the third pairing of Linkin Park and the "Transformers" franchise. The original "Transformers" soundtrack led off with Park's track "What I've Done," and the companion CD to sequel "Revenge of the Fallen" also gave LP the pole position with the tune "New Divide."

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