Ed Brubaker Confirms His Exit From Marvel Via Twitter

The longtime Captain America writer, the man who brought Bucky back, killed Cap, and helped drive Daredevil crazy (well, crazier) is taking a bow from Marvel for a while.

The writer announced via Twitter today that after Captain America #19 and Winter Soldier #14 he would be taking leave from both books as well as Marvel work in general. In a lengthy CBR piece with Kiel Phegley published a little earlier today, Brubaker talked about his reasons for leaving, citing his intent to focus on his creator-owned work as well as Hollywood projects. Those looking for some kind of drama, well, it appears that it wasn't about that and the writer was just ready to move on.

Brubaker's been writing continuously at Marvel for nearly a decade now, penning a lengthy run on Captain America that pushed the character into the darker corners of the Marvel Universe spy game as the 616 headed into Civil War and S.H.I.E.L.D. all but imploded for a time. Brubaker returned the Red Skull as a behind-the-scenes menace in a big way, nibbling at the edges of Steve Rogers' life and threatening to tear the United States apart.

He had an interesting space-faring run on Uncanny X-Men that might have worked a bit better if it were simply called "Starjammers" and his time on Daredevil did some good work at dismantling Matt Murdock's life even more than it had been already. But among his corporate stuff, I was always a bigger fan of his time (with Matt Fraction) on Immortal Iron Fist, which gave Danny Rand and his extend cast of characters some long-form, dimension-hopping adventures that were simply excellent kung-fu comics.

I'm not eulogizing the guy or anything: he's still got terrific creator-owned work like Criminal where he's able to let loose with some truly deep crime comic books and his latest, Fatale which wraps this December.

So the best to Brubaker--thanks for all the years of excellent stories, and here's to your continued success.

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