Jet En Route To New LP With A Layover In Toronto For Live 8

Aussie rockers eager to get away from sound of Get Born.

NEW YORK -- Just in time for summer, Jet are coming out of a six-month hibernation by showcasing some new tunes in a few select performances.

They took over Times Square on Tuesday night as part of Pontiac's Summer Solstice event, which fell smack dab in the middle of their weeklong tour with Oasis, which ends Saturday. Jet's biggest gig is yet to come, though, since they've just signed on to play Live 8 in Toronto on July 2 (see [article id="1503200"]"50 Cent, Jay-Z, Mariah, U2, Coldplay On Board For Massive Live Aid Sequel"[/article]).

"For us, it's the money and the hugeness of it, the publicity," drummer/vocalist Chris Cester joked.

"Yeah, we won't do anything for under zero dollars, that's our motto," bassist Mark Wilson said.

"It worked out really well because we did a horrible show in Toronto the last time," Cester continued, "so it's really good to be able to go back and give them a good show. And it's good to be part of something."

"We're not a real political band," Wilson pointed out. "We have a song called 'Cold Hard Bitch,' so you do the math."

After the concert event, Jet plan to get back to work on finishing their next album, which they're toying with calling either Straight From the Heartthrob, Radical Sabbatical or Get Bored (a play on their first album title, Get Born), the guys said, again with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

"The first [album title] became a burden after a while," Cester said. "After two and a half years of the same thing, it kind of makes you insane."

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Not only are they sick of the title, they're also a little sick of Get Born's sound.

"We've all talked about how the first record was very dry, and the next one should be a little denser," Cester said.

"The first one was so sh--, we left ourselves a lot of room," his brother, singer/guitarist Nic Cester, added.

They're a lot happier with their new songs, calling them "incredible," "fantastic," definitive" and, dare they say it, "genius." That would include "Shining Magazine," "Hold On" and "Snap Your Fingers," the latter of which is super fast, clocking in at under two minutes, and feels "kind of like a punch in the head," according to Chris Cester, or "a shiv in jail, a stab between the ribs," if you ask Wilson.

At the same time, they don't want to get too happy about these songs -- because after several sessions producing about 15 songs' worth from stops in Barbados, Massachusetts and Melbourne, they're expecting to write even better ones. They've been taking it slow, recording demos, overdubbing, "finding out about the song before we go and record it properly," guitarist Cameron Muncey said.

The next session will be in Los Angeles, where they hope to bring the total to 25, at which point "we can get serious," Chris Cester said.

They'll only stop "when it's amazing," Nic Cester said, "which is probably tomorrow. Sometime tomorrow, mid-afternoon. Before lunch."

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