'Glee' Star Naya Rivera Says Working With Ricky Martin 'Was A Dream Come True'

Although Ryan Murphy and the rest of the gang behind "Glee" have kept the themed episodes to a minimum this season, we have a few to look forward to, including tonight's glittery Michael Jackson tribute and next week's spicy Spanish fiesta, guest starring former Bon Bon shaker Ricky Martin. When MTV News caught up with Naya Rivera at the SAG Awards on Sunday, we asked the actress to give us a few hints about the episode, aptly titled "The Spanish Teacher," as well as what might be in store for Santana.

"Ricky Martin was awesome, that was a dream come true," Naya said about working with the Grammy-winner. "We were all very, very excited for Ricky. I got to do a duet with him which was insane," she gushed. "He's a beautiful man, and I had my hands all over him."

As with all the "Glee" cast members, Naya was tight-lipped about upcoming plot points (they're still in the midst of shooting this season) and wouldn't go into any more specific details about the episode or hint at where we will find Santana at the end of the season, but she did express continued enthusiasm for the character.

"I love [her ups and downs]. I feel like it could have been a very one-dimensional character and now the writers have given her so much to do. I love playing her," she gushed.

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