Does Devin Stand By His 'Are You The One?' 'Puppet' Comments?

Hear what the controversial cast member has to say about Kiki -- and his statements.

Devin may have declared that the gang was "f**ked" after having a lackluster performance with three beams during tonight's "Are You the One?" match-up ceremony -- but the drama king might be the one who is actually the aforementioned statement. Why? Oh, just his on-again off-again on-again (too many times to count) status with Kiki -- and his ability to be her "puppet master" (yep, we're going there).

Let's rehash what went down with the non-matches before getting into his response to his controversial comments: After weeks of trying to explore relationships with other folks in the house -- and not feeling that special spark with any of the lads -- Kiki found herself right where she left off with the New Englander before they entered the Truth Booth. She didn't want to deny her attraction to his qualities any longer -- like his "funny, goofy parts" -- and decided to be honest. Unfortunately for the sensitive 24-year-old, Big D had a different take on the entire unique situation.

"Everything that Kiki is saying is giving me ammo to play her and make her look like an idiot," Devin admitted during a separate interview, following a round of speed dating. "She just doesn't get it -- that I'm full of s**t," he nonchalantly added.

But that was only the beginning: While she stated that she was falling in love (!), he told her that she was "wonderful" and that he hadn't gone "this far or this deep so fast." But behind her back, he boasted about his ability to control this situation.

"She is a puppet, she will sleep with me, and do whatever I want -- and that is truth," he continued, while making a gesture as if he was holding a marionette -- and looking like he was straight out of *NSYNC's classic video "It's Gonna Be Me."


Two words: Oh dear.

While the pair's housemates were clearly on to Devin's schemes after Diki shared an intimate evening, Kiki was completely oblivious about his intentions. That is, until the MC: Cheyenne lashed out at the duo for their hookup, Rashida exclaimed he had "no respect" for his supposed gal and Connor called Devin a "scumbag manipulator." Tell us how you really feel, folks.

But reflecting on the situation, does Devin have any remorse about his behavior -- or does he stand by his previous actions? And what does he have to say to his "haters" and about his "puppet master" quip? Watch the clip below to find out, share your thoughts about his actions in the comments and be sure to keep up with "Are You the One?" every Wednesday at 10/9c.

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