Darren Criss Is Seriously Creepy As Versace's Killer In 'American Crime Story' Teaser

This is not the Warbler we know and love

An in-depth first look at The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is here! Or second look, if we're counting that NFSW, cold sweat-inducing nude pic of star Darren Criss.

Anyway, in the new clip, we see Criss — fully clothed — as Andrew Cunanan, a "spree killer in the 1990s who climaxed with the very public murder of Gianni Versace," executive producer Brad Simpson describes.

"This particular manhunt is the largest failed FBI manhunt in history," Criss says of his character, who literally introduces himself to a guy in a club as a serial killer.

His chilling character's sociopathic tendencies escalate when another man notices Cunanan identifying himself as gay to gay people and straight to straight people. "I tell people what they need to hear," he replies.

But it's not until the former Glee star deadpans, "I am so happy right now," while looking very, very unhappy, that he achieves peak creep.

Ricky Martin, who plays Antonio D'Amico, Gianni Versace's boyfriend at the time of his murder, Penélope Cruz, as Versace's sister Donatella Versace, and Edgar Ramírez, as Versace himself, also appear in the clip to introduce the next installment of American Crime Story, which will premiere Wednesday, January 17, at 10 p.m. EST on FX.