13 Different Reactions To Kimye's Second Pregnancy

Kimye's pregnancy is getting some weird reactions.

Perhaps you spent the morning freaking out about the announcement of Kim Kardashian's second pregnancy; perhaps you were making snide comments about it on Twitter; maybe you're just learning about the Kimye news in this gigantic sentence.

However you decide to react to blesséd baby No. 2, everyone else seems to have an opinion of their own. Let's take a look at Twitter and see the ways people are reacting.

Some are reevaluating society's priorities.

Then there are the people who claim that they don't care, but spend all morning tweeting about it.

Others are stepping up to create a support system.

Some are waiting so see what kind of creature it will morph into.

Some are doing their dishes.

Everyone is making the same joke.

Others are calling out people for making said joke.

Most people are just hungry.

Some are shouting out the nanny.

Others are brainstorming truly original baby names.

Some are requesting male offspring.

Some are surrendering to their gut feelings.

What even is a 'Kimye'?

What's your rated-