Tom Hiddleston Needs To Start Wearing Glasses Everyday And These Pics Prove It

And not just so he can see, of course.

You know that thing that always happens in teen movies where the popular kid pulls off the dork's glasses and realizes that they've been super attractive all along? Yeah, that's just not true in the real world -- mostly because not only do some people look downright sexy in glasses, they occasionally look even better with them.

Case in point: Tom Hiddleston, who showed up to a "Crimson Peak" event at Bergdorf Goodman in New York looking all bespectacled and professorial before taking off his glasses and walking the red carpet.

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This isn't the first time Hiddleston has worn glasses in public, but it seems like he's started sporting them much more frequently lately -- he had 'em on at the TimesTalks event at The New York Times last night, too:

Ron Adar/WireImage

TimesTalks Presents Tom Hiddleston

But why'd he take them off on the red carpet? Come on, Hiddles, this should clearly be your new signature look. We wholeheartedly approve of it.

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