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Christina Milian Says Collaborating With Kanye West Was 'Easy Breezy'

Singer says 'Ye came up with vocals for her track 'Diamond' overnight.

[artist id="1163321"]Christina Milian[/artist] may be battling great forces in her new single, "Us Against the World," but on her upcoming album, there's one track she thinks people will really be talking about: "Diamond," featuring [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist].

"I'm really excited about that. I think he's an awesome artist," the actress and singer told MTV News at the KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Saturday, adding that it was pure luck that led to their collaboration. "It kind of just happened. We happened to be in the same studio. I asked him to come in, and he heard it and got on it immediately. I'm glad I got to have him a part of my album."

Despite Kanye's reputation for being a perfectionist, Milian insisted that working with the rapper was actually very easy. "He's very creative. He can make three beats in one night and hum several different melodies on each record and then from there go back to the record and write the songs," she said. "When he came to my project that's kind of what happened. He happened to be in the studio working on his project. He heard it, he hummed out some melodies and lyrics, and ... the next day he put down his vocals. It's very easy breezy. I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten on it if he didn't like it."

Milian's still-untitled fourth album, due out in 2009, will be her first since [article id="1537803"]being dumped by Island Def Jam[/article] and picked up by MySpace Music. She just finished shooting the video for "Us Against the World," a song she called a "love anthem." "It's the first time [I'm] putting out a ballad," she said. "I think it's a representation of what we need in this world right now. There are people that are holding it down for somebody. It's important to have someone that has your back."

For the video, she hooked up with Ray Kay, with whom she's worked in the past on her videos for "Say I" and "Whatever U Want." "We just finished the video [and we're about] to release it soon. I'm excited," she said, describing the clip's setup as "very

[movie id="21568"]'Mad Max'[/movie] versus [movieperson id="283480"]'300.'[/movieperson] "

"I'm in sand dunes," she explained. "And, I'm out there ... me and my guy, [and] we probably are the last two people on Earth. Really, I'm on my own and I'm searching, and finally he comes to me. I don't know where he's been, and he comes back to me. It's very timeless. When you see it, it's nothing like anything you'd see now. I want to be iconic in every music video that I do. I want to make a mark. This is very different."