People Are Already Messing With Adele's New Song In Amazing And Horrifying Ways

Leave 'Hello' alone!

It's only been a day and already the good people of the Internet have bastardized Adele's gorgeous new single, "Hello," from her hotly anticipated third record, 25, out Nov. 20. Because that's what the Internet does. For better or worse, the gut-wrenching glory of "Hello" has been forever changed by these two adaptations.

Before the world could even appreciate the beauty of "Hello," a madman by the name of Dan Chamberlain mashed the magnificence of Adele with Silentó's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" like some sort of Frankenstein's monster of pop music. The result is not pretty. "At least I can say that I've tried / Do the stanky leg, stank stank." Dear god, what have you done.

But it's not all bad. No, for every evil mashup artist out there, there's a mad genius sees the hilarious possibility in pop. Lionel Richie, father of Nicole Richie and a pop music superstar in his own right, had his own "Hello" in 1984. Someone connected the desperate calls of these two crooners in a silly clip that makes light of the all this heartbreak. And we thank them for it.

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