From Oovoo To Pipl.Com: Get A Crash Course In The Most Cutting-Edge 'Catfish' Technology

Nev and Max know about them, but do you?

There was a time on "Catfish" when love hopefuls met their suspicious matches solely on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter -- and Reverse Google Image Search was the best way for our daring detectives Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to nail said questionable person. But since the MTV series' debut back in 2012, the internet, apps and technology have evolved greatly -- and MTV's Sherlock and Watson have made sure to keep up their expertise in this special area.

When the long-running docu-program returns for Season 5 (you can see the trailer above!), a bunch of new websites and research tools are going to be featured. But before the duo springs into action to assist a bunch of folks across the country, we're offering a few flip cards featuring some brand-new terms that will make their debut -- plus a few tried-and-true classics. Looking at you, and Yik Yak...

Check out the most cutting-edge "Catfish" technology -- plus a couple of handy-dandy definitions -- and be sure to catch the show's premiere on Wednesday, February 24 at 10/9c!

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