Fabolous' Lawyer Calls Gun Charges 'Not A Real Case'

Attorney says police have no evidence linking rapper to weapons.

NEW YORK -- Fabolous' lawyer spoke out Thursday about the gun charges his client faces, insisting police have no evidence linking the rapper to the weapons in question and calling it "not a real case."

"This case has everything but evidence," attorney Alberto Ebanks said. "If you were a passenger in that car, you would have been arrested too. The police are duty bound to do so."

New York state law allows that if police find a gun in a car, everyone can be charged with possessing the gun until someone claims ownership. Fabolous, whose real name is John Jackson, was arrested last week in Brooklyn after an SUV in which he was a passenger ran a red light (see [article id="1459572"]"Fabolous Arrested Twice In Two Days"[/article]). According to police, officers saw a gun handle sticking out of the back seat. During a search, a second gun was discovered. Another passenger, Rascharm Davis, and driver Reginald Rivers were also arrested.

"There's absolutely no direct evidence that links either gun to [Jackson]," Ebanks insisted. "And when the ownership of the guns are established, he'll be cleared of all charges."

A day earlier, the rapper was pulled over for making an illegal left turn in Manhattan and was arrested for driving with a suspended license. He pleaded guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court and paid a $50 fine for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, according to the Manhattan district attorney's office.

The felony weapons charges -- two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree -- are far more serious. Jackson faces up to 15 years if convicted, according to the Brooklyn district attorney's office.

"I can tell you this," Ebanks said. "Anyone who listens to Fabolous' music or knows his style knows that he doesn't talk about guns or violence. He's more of a lover than a fighter. And I was shocked -- no, pleasantly surprised -- to find out after I got the call about his arrest that this was not a real case."

Jackson is due back in Brooklyn Criminal Court on February 13.