'Siesta Key' Showdown: Did Juliette Go 'Too Far' In Her War With Kelsey?

The two already had a major blowout -- and it was only the season premiere

Two wrongs typically don't make a right, but Juliette seems determined to give it the old college try.

Tonight's season premiere saw the queen of Siesta Key at odds again with Kelsey, still reeling from her former ride-or-die's "ultimate betrayal." Memory refresh: Kelsey accused Juliette of being with Sam (enter "the new kingdom") for his money, giving both Jules and Sam a piece of her mind. Despite Kels admitting on the reunion special that she totally "f*cked up," the frenemies haven't quite moved on.

"I can't forget her having that lunch with Sam and telling him all those things. That was mean. Kelsey really came off high-key jealous," Juliette confided to their mutual friend Joe, also dubbing Kelsey's new swimwear line "basic."

Jules, who just so happens to also be launching her own collection of suits, then hit below the belt bikini line and went after Kelsey's new boyfriend Max.

"The first time we met Max, he's friends with Kelsey and I's friends, so they were trying to hook me up with Max first," she shared. "So that always bothered her."

Dueling boyfriends and bikini lines? Guess not much has changed in Siesta Key. Fast forward to Amanda's movie screening, when Joe cornered Kelsey for a "sit-down" to rehash Juliette's remarks.

"She said some shady sh*t about you," he said. "She was asking about your swimwear line. She brought up Max. I didn't know it was a Juliette and Max thing first."

Needless to say, Kelsey was pissed, and she was quick to set him straight. Then she marched straight to the source.


"Joe brought it to my attention that you were talking sh*t behind my back, and you were bringing my boyfriend, as well as my swimwear, into it? Did I steal Max from you?" Kelsey sarcastically asked Juliette. "The weird stuff that's going on right now, I thought we were going to keep between us. And then you go and talk behind my back and make up bullsh*t."

Juliette defended her actions, which Kelsey dubbed more "childish games" before (literally) crying to Madisson.

"I'm tired of the people I think I trust coming after the things I care about most like my relationship and my business," she said.

Ever the voice of reason, Madisson was quick to point out that Kelsey sorta had it coming: "You messed up with Jules once. I think she feels like you came for her relationship, so she's like, 'Here's a little taste of your own medicine, Kelsey.'"

Juliette knew she "went too far" in her comments about Max, later admitting that she "was still really upset" about Kelsey's interfering in her relationship with Sam.

"I never wanted to hurt Kelsey, but I guess I'd reached my breaking point with her," she said in a voiceover. "We were all evolving and changing as we grew up, and so were our friendships and our relationships."

Was Juliette justified, or should she have tried to be the bigger person? Sound off, then tune in to an all-new episode Wednesday at 8/7c.

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