Singer D'Angelo Arrested On Charges Of Drunk Driving, Drug Possession

Grammy winner stopped by police in a Richmond, Virginia, suburb for traffic violation.

R&B singer D'Angelo was arrested on charges of drunk driving and drug possession near his hometown of Richmond, Virginia, on Sunday.

D'Angelo, born Michael Eugene Archer, was stopped in a Richmond suburb for a traffic violation, but after searching his vehicle, police found substances they believed to be cocaine and marijuana, Chesterfield police Captain Karl Leonard told The Associated Press.

Both substances were reportedly sent to laboratories to be analyzed.

D'Angelo, who won two Grammy Awards in 2000, has run into trouble on the road before. In November 2002, a woman alleged the singer cut her off in a lane leading to a shopping mall and then repeatedly and recklessly switched lanes. When police came to his home to serve him with misdemeanor charges of aggressive driving, the singer refuted the allegations and was further charged with resisting arrest (see [article id="1458765"]"D'Angelo Resists Arrest On Charges Of Assault, Aggressive Driving"[/article]).

D'Angelo is due in court on Tuesday to be arraigned on charges of drunken driving, marijuana possession and possession of a controlled substance.