Who's The Bigger 'Teen Wolf' Badass: Lydia Or Malia?

Fact: We wouldn't want to get on either gal's bad side.

Kira's not the only badass broad in Beacon Hills: Malia and Lydia are tough as talons, and Tuesday night's "Teen Wolf" episode pretty much proved it.

While Lyd was busy taking screaming lessons from Meredith, Malia was gearing up to kick some Desert Wolf butt. (Guess that Russian beating was merely a warmup.) Theo lured Malia into a vulnerable state by injecting her with wolfsbane, and the were-coyote awoke strapped to a gurney. She then — voluntarily, mind you — donned a pair of spiky goggles that allowed her to track down her murderous mother. One thing's for sure, the Dreads sure do love their torture devices! *shudder*


Once they found the Desert Wolf's lair, Theo turned on everyone (shocker), and Malia took a shotgun shell to the stomach. It didn't slow her down — our girl was still strong enough to aim a solid roundhouse kick at the Desert Wolf's skull. Once The Beast reared its ugly head, Malia grabbed Deaton and got the f-bomb out of dodge.

MEANWHILE. Our beloved banshee caught glimpses of Malia's plight and hollered her way out of a near-dead coma. Hardly an orderly could stop Lydia from racing to save her friends — she dropped a roundhouse kick (or five) herself.


It took a half dozen men with tasers to quiet Lydia — talk about tough. Thank God her friends are scheming to break her out of Eichen House; Scott's pack could seriously use her banshee brawn right about now.

Just one question, 'cause we're pretty torn: Which "Teen Wolf" lady is more of a badass -- Malia or Lydia? Comment with your votes, and tune in Tuesday at 9/8c for even more she-power action... plus Scott, Stiles and the usual.

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