Raury Played His Music For Kanye West And Recorded Multiple Songs With SBTRKT

Expect another Raury feature on SBTRKT's album.

If you're not familiar with Raury's music just yet, then Kanye West and SBTRKT are way ahead of you. The Atlanta rapper/singer/songwriter is pretty fresh on the scene, dropping his debut project Indigo Child at the end of August (led by singles "God's Whisper" and "Cigarette Song"), but he's already caught the eyes and ears of some esteemed musicians.

Raury is featured on one of SBTRKT's latest singles "Higher," and he recently had a chance to play some music for Kanye, since 'Ye was so geeked about his video for "God's Whisper."

Oh, and he's only 18 years old. No big deal.

The Indigo Child revealed that he had a chance to chat up both artists before they got to work on any music.

"[SBTRKT and I] sat in the studio for 12 hours on end and we have a number of songs actually," he told MTV News. "It's an honor to be on his project and I actually have two songs on there."

"The people that I collaborate with, I like to feel like we're friends and I know them to certain degree, so when I was out in New York, SBTRKT and I sat down and we talked for awhile," he added. "It was a really good experience getting to talk with somebody that has experience in the industry way more than I do -- that was one of the first real conversations I had in-depth with another artist."

In addition to working with the UK-based producer, Raury also had a meeting

with Kanye West, which started speculation that he might sign with G.O.O.D. Music. But, for now, he's only acknowledging his deal with Sony Music, and revealing that he got a preview of 'Ye's new project.

"It wasn't very different," Raury said of hanging with SBTRKT versus Kanye. "They're equally humble people. Kanye was very cool. We talked for a nice little minute and we played tracks [for each other]."

"He played me his stuff...he's got some really good stuff coming, that's all I can say."

Stay tuned for more from our Raury interview on MTV News. Check out the video for "God's Whisper" below.

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