Miley Cyrus Lisa Frank-ifies Her Instagram

Instagram seriously needs to get on Miley's Lisa Frank filter, stat.

Sorry, but all of your selfies that AREN'T speckled with cutesy, Lisa Frank-ish bling are officially irrelevent. You can thank Miley Cyrus' latest Instagram photo, which makes nearly any other picture look beyond-boring by comparison.

On that note: Hi, Instagram? Can we FINALLY get a new filter added? Preferably one called "Lisa Frank-ified"? Earlybird is getting TIRED.

Anyway, based on caption ("#throwbackthursday @mertalas @macpiggott #croquemonsieur #w"), this selfie's got to be from the "Adore You" singer's W magazine photo shoot. But even if it were new, the photo's still giving us so much Throwback Thursday life with its Lisa Frank-esque stickers.

I mean, what's more #TBT than honoring the fluorescent-hued brand that made going back to school worth it every year? The only thing Miley's pic is missing are some Trapper Keepers, Yikes! pencils, Mr. Sketch scented markers, and some scratch-and-sniff stickers. #memories

Oof, the nostalgia. If you need us, we'll be crying on top of a pile of college-ruled paper in the nearest Walgreens' school aisle.

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Photo credit: Miley Cyrus' Instagram

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