Why Did Nick Young Have To Ask Iggy Azalea Twice To Marry Him?

Demi Lovato reveals it all!

Demi Lovato may be saying no to the dress.

Demi will be taking a walk down the aisle as Iggy Azalea's bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding to NBA star, Nick Young, but revealed that if Iggy picks a questionable dress for her ladies to wear, she has no problem telling her to change it.

"I'm sure that she's going to be awesome with picking out the bridesmaid dresses," Demi told New York's 92.3 AMP Radio. "And listen, I'm going to have to tell her if there's a dress that's not working out for me, we have to change it."

Demi was on-hand when the two got engaged last month at an amusement park, and while it may have looked adorable, Demi said that Nick actually had to pop the question, twice.

"Nick is a little crazy. The way that he proposed was he got down on one knee and was like, 'Will you rock with me?'" Demi said. "And she's like 'You have to ask the question. That's not how you ask it.' So he was like 'Will you marry me?' and she's like 'Yeah.' He's a clown and she's hilarious and seeing the two of them together is really funny, so I can't imagine what the wedding is going to be like."

And it seems like Demi can't imagine what her wedding would be like either. The singer revealed that she's "totally down" to tie the knot or get engaged, but right now she's focusing on her new music, including her infectious new single, "Cool For The Summer."

But just because she doesn't have marriage on the brain, doesn't mean her relationship with longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama isn't stronger than ever.

"He's my happiness. He's my whole world, so when I'm with him I'm extremely happy," she said. "I'm able to record music and go out on tour without worries. He completes me...and I actually wasn't looking for it at the time that I met him and it took a long time for him to see that I was ready for a relationship like we are in today. Love just kind of happens and there's no timing and there's no other way to go with it then to prioritize our relationship, do what makes you happy."