Recording 'Antichrist Superstar' A "Trying Experience" For Manson

New album due soon from Manson.

Contrary to popular belief, it seems the upcoming Marilyn Manson

album, Antichrist Superstar, will not feature a collaboration between

Marilyn Manson and the Church of Satan's "Black Pope" Dr. Anton LaVey. Speaking

to music press in Australia --where the Smells Like Children EP was

belatedly released recently and "Sweet Dreams" has only just dropped out of the

top 40 -- Manson said LaVey is a friend and "a big influence" but unfortunately

he has not collaborated on the album. Antichrist Superstar is set for an

October 8 release. Manson described recording the album as "a very trying

experience" and claimed he put himself close to death by experimenting with

drugs, pain and sleep deprivation. "I've found out all I want to find out, it's

all one big musical ritual to me," he said.

Trent Reznor produced

Antichrist, and according to Manson, that has delayed work on the next

Nine Inch Nails album. Manson was cagey about the pair's working relationship.

"Sometimes we work very closely, sometimes we don't talk at all," said Manson.

"He's probably done more on this record than in the past and in some ways he

worked less than in the past. It has been a long and trying experience like I

said, and because he has had to kind of take from all my experiences and help

me make it come true, he also got dragged in.

Manson also confirmed that

guitarist Daisy Berkowitz left the band at the start of recording. Bassist

Twiggy Ramirez doubled up on guitar during the studio sessions, and as yet no

replacement has been confirmed. According to Manson, Berkowitz "had different

music in his mind" and "was not in philosophical agreement" with the


"I wish him luck, it's a hard place to leave," Manson chuckled when

asked where a musician could possibly go after being in a band as controversial

as Marilyn Manson.