Marilyn Manson Tweaks "Holy Wood" Plans

As Marilyn Manson continues to work on a new studio album, he has decided to modify plans for a film based on his "Holy Wood" screenplay.

Instead of bringing the script to the big screen, Manson will be merging the concept with the forthcoming record, which Manson has re-dubbed "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death).

In a statement posted on the group's official Web site, Manson announced plans to put out two books to accompany the new record rather than making a "Holy Wood" film which might not have "retained his artistic vision.

Manson will now issue the concept album in the fall, followed shortly thereafter by the "Holy Wood" book, described as a "graphic and phantasmagoric novel.

The performer began writing "Holy Wood" back in 1995, prior to the release of 1996's "Antichrist Superstar," the first part of Manson's musical trilogy, which continued with 1998's "Mechanical Animals.

After the novel arrives in stores, Manson will

then issue a coffee-table book of images that were created for the "Holy Wood" project. In January, Manson exhibited some of his water colors on the site and was considering a gallery tour for some of the works (see [article id="1431694"]"Marilyn Manson Offers Glimpse At Planned Painting Exhibition"[/article]).

As Manson suggested in an earlier message, the new album will focus on Adam Kadmon, whom Jewish mysticism believes was the heavenly creature on which humanity was based (see [article id="1431695"]"Manson To Walk In The 'Valley Of Death' For Next LP"[/article]).

In some New Age circles, Adam Kadmon also represents the divine being that humans are evolving toward, and the key to evolving toward the new Kadmon-being lies in understanding how one with an independent free will can incorporate a higher sense of the "group mind.

As you look for your own answers," Manson wrote in a statement, "you'll find Mercury, the number 15, Adam

and even something as obscure as Fibonacci, all have relevance as 'Holy Wood' unfolds before you.

This is something I've been picking at for ten years and I hope it inspires you onto your own transformation.

In July 1999, Manson was thought to be close to a deal with New Line Cinema to produce the "Holy Wood" movie and corresponding soundtrack, and Manson still seemed intent on making the film when he talked to MTV News a few months later (see [article id="1431696"]"Marilyn Manson To Probe Celebrity And Suffering In New Film, Next Album"[/article]).

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