Christine And The Queens Covered The Weeknd While Under Quarantine And It's Everything

She's at home enjoying 'Blinding Lights' like we all are

Christine and the Queens cleared out the furniture in one of the rooms of her house to perform an awesome cover of The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights." She captioned it "#TogetherAtHome," letting viewers around the world know that she's practicing social isolation in the midst of this global pandemic. She's having fun while being safe, too.

In what looks to be a spacious living room with hardwood floors, Christine had a good time with The Weeknd's recent single, using the area to theatrically perform the number. Her two-minute cover put a unique spin on the track that leaves her voice ringing in your ears after it cuts off.

"Blinding Lights" appears on The Weeknd's recently released album, After Hours. Free of guests, the LP also features both "Heartless" and the previously released title track.

As for Christine herself, she shared a new single, "People, I've Been Sad" and a surprise six-track EP, La Vita Nuova, in February. With the project's release came a short film, shot in Paris, that shows off some intricate and majestic choreography.

Earlier this month, Christine shared the first part of a documentary about the making of La Vita Nuova. In this installment, the focus is on the dancing and building the mesmerizing atmosphere of the short film.

Take a look at Christine's awesome "Blinding Lights" cover up above.

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