Fabolous Takes Cosplay 'Seriously' ... And Just Became The New Marty McFly

Where are we? When are we? Fab knows.

Fabolous may not be starring in a new "Back To The Future" film reboot or anything, but he is looking a lot like a 2015 Marty McFly. That's because the emcee is sporting the famous (and super expensive) Nike Mags on the set of his "You Made Me" music video.

The shoes are great and all, but what's Marty McFly without the DeLorean? Well, Fab's got one of those too. Add the cool vest and Nike goggles and he's pretty much got the whole look down and updated.

"I think we all try to be good people, but it's just things you go through that make you who you are," Fab said, previewing the vid on Instagram. "Follow me back to the future. 'You Made Me' video on the way."

"You Made Me" is a cut off the emcee's recently-released The Young O.G. Project album. In December, he told MTV News that the album would be focused on the 1990s.

“It was a golden era in hip-hop to me,” Fab said. “It was where I fell in love with hip-hop and really admired everything that was going on within the culture.”

Of course, The Young O.G. Project is out now. But great, scott! When's that video dropping?