Emma Watson Says 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' Was ‘More Beautiful Than The Films’

See the precious backstage pics of Emma meeting the older Hermione

Good news, Potterheads: One of the only reviews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that you actually, genuinely need to take to heart is here — and it’s positively glowing. (Whew!)

Emma Watson, who played brainiac badass Hermione Granger in the film series, saw The Cursed Child in London on Wednesday night and shared her thoughts on Facebook.

“I came in with no idea what to expect and it was AMAZING,” she wrote. “Some things about the play were, I think, possibly even more beautiful than the films. Having seen it I felt more connected to Hermione and the stories than I have since Deathly Hallows came out, which was such a gift.”

Watson went on to praise Noma Dumezweni, the actress who plays Hermione onstage. She even shared a few backstage pics of their meeting, which looks about as perfect as you’d expect.

Emma Watson/Facebook


“Meeting Noma and seeing her on stage was like meeting my older self and have her tell me everything was going to be alright, which as you can imagine was immensely comforting (and emotional)!” Watson continued. “Noma was everything I could ever hope she would be. She's wonderful.”

Dumezweni returned the warm compliments on Twitter, writing on Thursday, "@EmWatson It really was quite emotional to be in your company... And Thank you 4 your lovely self. We spoke of you with MAJOR respect ❤️!"

Watson also shared photos of her meeting other members of the cast and crew, including Sam Clemmett, who plays Harry’s son Albus Severus, and Anthony Boyle, who plays Draco Malfoy’s son, Scorpius.

Emma Watson/Facebook


The Cursed Child is the official eighth installment of the Harry Potter series, and centers around Harry’s son, Albus Severus Potter. The play debuted on the London stage in previews last month, and officially opens on July 30.

Daniel Radcliffe, the OG Harry Potter, previously said he’d probably skip out on seeing The Cursed Child because he worried about attracting too much attention ... but clearly things worked out just fine for Watson. Maybe she can convince him otherwise?!

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