Whitney Port Reveals The Truth About That 'Hills' Trip To Paris

The Season 1 excursion wasn't exactly what you think

In the beginning of The Hills' second season, Whitney Port openly gushed about her City of Lights summer adventures to her Teen Vogue coworker Lauren Conrad -- describing couture dresses and visiting Coco Chanel's apartment, to name just two experiences. But, it turns out, the intern's assignment abroad didn't exactly unfold the way it was presented on the hit television series.

"I went for a meeting, but I didn’t go for an extended period of time," the 31-year-old told MTV News just before the 10th anniversary of the MTV program. "I didn’t go that day they shot me at the airport (during the end of Season 1)."

So there we have it: It was a tremendous opportunity to travel for the magazine -- it just wasn't as lengthy. Hopefully, Whit managed to see the sights and visit some pâtisseries during her quick jaunt!

Be sure to stay with MTV News for more Hills anniversary coverage -- and for an entertaining flashback, below is the scene where Lauren earned the infamous title of "the girl who didn't go to Paris":

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