The 'Last Jedi' Behind-The-Scenes Clip Will Make You Burst Into Big Sloppy Tears

Get tissues. Now.

The next chapter in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, is sure to pull on the heartstrings once it hits theaters this December. The folks at Lucasfilm figured they'd warm up your tear ducts on the earlier side, though, as this behind-the-scenes footage from the set of The Last Jedi is enough to thrill you and break your heart over the loss of Carrie Fisher all over again.

In this three-minute teaser, we're given a sneak peek of The Last Jedi from the eyes of the director (who apparently can't do a Wookiee voice to save his life, according to John Boyega), Rian Johnson, and a smattering of glimpses of the cast and crew at work.

We see Daisy Ridley strike a Jedi-worthy pose with a lightsaber. We see Adam Driver prepare for an intense combat scene. We see Oscar Isaac take the wheel of a fighter jet, Lupita Nyong'o get ready for her CGI-enhanced close-up, and newcomer Kelly Marie Tran gear up for what appears to be a serious mission alongside Boyega's Finn.

We also see a handful of instances that, frankly, are so sweet they'll bring a tear to your eye. Fisher and Mark Hamill are goofing off together in one frame; in another, Isaac is embracing Fisher and planting a kiss on her cheek. Hers are the words that echo long after the video wraps.

"It's about family," she says of The Last Jedi — and Star Wars at large. "And that's what's so powerful about it."

Indeed. Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15.

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