Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Might Release Their Duet Album…In A Couple Years

But we want it now!

Just last month Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson got our hopes up that their long-awaited album of "smack bang duets" would be released -- seeing as how they joined forces for a surprise jam session.

The duo wooed a small crowd with cover songs and, of course, their duet, "Home to Mama." But, fans, don't get used to this -- because the Biebs and Cody have put their collaborative efforts aside.

"We worked on a bunch of other songs, but then we decided to put them away, because we both had different directions we wanted to go in," Cody told MTV News. "Not because we didn’t want to be friends -- I just wanted to truck as much as I can down this way and he wanted to reestablish himself in this world over here, so we didn’t want to release something where people are like, 'Oh, these two kids are just the same.'"

But Cody, who "meshed quite peacefully" with Justin in the studio, isn't ruling out the possibility that one day they'll team up again, since they cut "more than enough" tracks for an album.

"Once I establish myself down this path and he’s down this path, it’s much more interesting... when you see two artists that are so different come together," he said.

But for right now Cody is focusing on his brand-new album Free, which is premiering right now at before its release on July 10.

Check out this awesome Album Premiere from Cody Simpson!

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