Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains 'Dark Knight Rises' Ending To David Letterman

If "The Dark Knight Rises" left you confused over the final fate of Batman and John Blake, then you're in good company -- if you count David Letterman as good company, at least.

The talk show host recently sat down with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and grilled the young actor about the ending of "Dark Knight Rises," particularly the specifics of what happened to the Caped Crusader in the film's final act. Spoilers ahead for the three of you who have yet to see the film.

Letterman apparently still wasn't clear if Batman died at the end of "Rises," despite the fact that Bruce Wayne is clearly seen enjoying life abroad with reformed cat burglar Selina Kyle.

"I think Bruce Wayne just had to get out of Gotham, so he left," explained Gordon-Levitt. "But is Batman the same as Bruce Wayne, or is Batman something more than a man?"

But Letterman still didn't know if Batman was destroyed in the nuclear blast just outside of Gotham City. Gordon-Levitt said that he understands the conclusion that Batman died in the explosion, but viewed it more as a metaphorical death. "To save Gotham, he sacrifices himself, like any good hero," he said.

As far as John Blake goes, Letterman was even more confused. Is this guy supposed to be the next Batman? Is he Robin? Who is he?

"I'm only saying this now because everybody in the world has seen the movie, so if you haven't seen the movie, turn off the TV now," Gordon-Levitt said reluctantly, before Letterman chimed in, "Oh, that happened minutes ago. That happened long before you came out here."

"I play a guy, John Blake. At the end of the movie you find out that his legal name is Robin John Blake. He's Christopher Nolan's version of the sidekick Robin," the actor continued. "He's not in tights and a cape, but he's helping Bruce Wayne's Batman."

Thanks to Batman-News for the head's up.

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